We’re proud that our employees consistently perform beyond client expectations. When you interact with Air Comfort, you can rest assured that you’ll find a team of people who are driven by a compelling set of core values. These virtues influence every decision we make. In addition to our high quality of work, we believe it is our core values that certainly set us apart from the competition:


  • We take pride in safety being our utmost value
  • We care about our team and their families
  • We provide safety training and exceptional PPE
  • We ensure each employee knows how to safely perform their tasks


  • We provide prompt and professional service 24/7
  • We inform our clients of our progress and recommendations
  • We follow up to ensure satisfaction
  • We utilize extensive knowledge and experience


  • We work at the peak of our ability
  • We make the best use of company staff and resources
  • We collaborate to achieve exceptional results
  • We find the best, most efficient way, every time


  • We take responsibility and appropriate, timely action
  • We say what we will do, do what we say, and communicate when we can’t
  • We always show respect and speak with positive intent
  • We do things the right way, not the easy way, and honesty is always the best policy

Family and Fun

  • We encourage and support one another and our families
  • We foster positive growth in each employee’s character
  • We promote a positive atmosphere and less stressful environment
  • We participate in various company and community events and celebrations