Do you ever walk into a room and notice the temperature is noticeably more hot or cold than the space you came from? Having hot and cold spots in your home or business can be frustrating and as one of Colorado’s top HVAC providers, we know the stress associated with these issues. Our team members want to help you achieve a consistent temperature and this week’s blog, the second part in this series, discusses possible remedies.

Purchase New Curtains

One of the simplest fixes for these problems is to invest in curtains that will help protect air from leaking out through windows and prevent sunlight from heating the space.

Clean Ducts

Holes, leaks, and blocks in your ducts can allow air to leak out which will affect temperatures throughout the house. Additionally, when the unit has to work harder it will have additional performance issues and a shortened lifespan.

Resize Ducts

A professional team can evaluate your ductwork and correct any issues. Eliminating sharp corners and ensuring ducts are the right size will allow air to circulate more efficiently.

Install a Zoning Control System

A zone control system establishes “zones” throughout an environment that will each have their own thermostat. A smart thermostat is another great option, which will increase efficiency and reduce the need for user intervention. This is achieved through the use of dampers, which open and close inside the air ducts to adjust temperature as necessary. If you have a building with more than one level, a zoning system will push air throughout the upper levels after the main level has reached its desired temperature. If there are rooms in your house that you rarely use, you can adjust those zones to a neutral temperature. A zoning control system will reduce energy waste and in turn, produce smaller energy bills.

Our team members will do whatever it takes to keep you comfortable in your home year-round, so give us a call today if you are experiencing hot and cold spots in your home or business. We will work with you to find the best solutions for your unique needs and budget, so you can say goodbye to hot and cold spots for good.