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Air Comfort is proud to announce our latest project, which involved a helicopter pick for the DIA Amazon Warehouse, a widely recognized company. During this project, our team came together to overcome many challenges and obstacles, but with the help of everyone, we got it done! Read on to learn more about the specifics of this project and contact our HVAC company for services in Northern Colorado or Denver today!

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Important Considerations During a Helicopter Pick:

Understand the obstacles and challenges our team at Air Comfort had to consider to successfully carry out this project.

  • Safety: The number one challenge and important consideration was making sure every person was safe during the duration of the project. Verbal hand signals were critical, as it became too loud to speak to team members.
  • Coordination of the event: A helicopter is loud and massive, which means we had to coordinate with building owners, tenants, the FAA, the City of Denver, and more before we could carry out the project.
  • Weather: Helicopters are highly sensitive to changes in weather, but luckily, our skilled pilot had things under control and was able to carry the job out flawlessly.
  • Planning: Planning this event required the efforts of our whole team, but with some hard work and dedication, we were able to create a plan of action that made things simple!

Why Trust Air Comfort for a Helicopter Pick?


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What We Did

Air Comfort conducted a helicopter pick for the DIA Amazon Warehouse, which involved the use of a helicopter to transport HVAC materials and place them on the roof of the warehouse. All 14 team members that joined were high-level journeymen or foremen, and they even showed up on a Saturday to complete the project! Without the help of our exemplary team, this project would not have been possible.

The Client

Bucknell Industrial was the general contractor and client during this project. They built and own the warehouse, which Amazon leases from them. We are ecstatic that we were given the opportunity to work with them, and we look forward to future projects!

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Our Biggest Accomplishments

During the Amazon Warehouse project, our team had a number of incredible accomplishments. Our most significant accomplishment was that we set 32 rooftop units in only two hours and 18 minutes, which even included the helicopter refuel stops. That means that we averaged approximately four minutes per pick. We’re so proud of our highly efficient team!

Additionally, the pick was done in what’s known as a “FAA High Congested” area, and it was also directly in the southbound flight path at DIA. With all of their construction, it increased traffic at our pickup location, which means we had to remain in constant communication with both the DIA flight tower and the helicopter pilot. Simply put, this was a highly complicated, risky helicopter pick that turned out safely, quickly, and very successfully.

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Whether you need helicopter pick services, or another type of HVAC service or project, or the team at Air Comfort is your choice in Northern Colorado and Denver. Our highly skilled, incredibly dedicated team will do whatever it takes to help you successfully complete your commercial HVAC projects. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Air Comfort!

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